Around the Pond with the Frog~March 2014

Forgive me for a being a little late getting this wrap-up out there. This spring is proving to be a busy time for the Frog house. We're trying to clean everything out of our house so it doesn't look like 6 people - and the spirit of a seventh - live in it. Shooting for a June date to put it on the market. It's hard, and it will surely be the subject of a lot of what I write in the coming weeks and months.

That said, I won't be writing or be on social media as much. I've already stepped back a little and put my series, Grief Stories, on hold. I thought about completely taking a break, but that wouldn't be fair to me. Writing is my outlet. It is a source of good things for me, so I think I'll keep it.

So, that said, in case you missed anything in the month of March, here's what I said:
  • I wrote about little panic attacks I get when I realize we are halfway there (wherever "there" is). Read that here.
  • I was on Mamalode twice in March talking about Mom friends here and about being a fit mother here. Please click on these links as these are paid writing gigs for me. You can choose the $0 option to read, for now. 
  • I shared a couple meatless recipes for Lent. You can find the pins on Pinterest here and here.
  • I talked about fire safety and told you how you could view some rad fire safety videos and get lesson plans if you are a teacher right here
  • I featured my former Her View from Home writer, Kelly, talking about pet loss on Grief Stories here
  • I reviewed a book by Matt Mooney called Unspeakable Joy about the loss of his son here. I will be interviewing him soon. In the comments, please share a question you'd like me to ask him.
And finally, the book came out! You know, the one by all the Super Cool Lady writers called I Just Want to Be Alone. The one that already has FORTY five-star reviews on Amazon. Click here to read more about my co-authors and HERE to order the book.

Phew, I think that's it. So I will be writing, but it will probably only be about once a week - maybe twice - we'll see. To be sure that you see everything I post, please subscribe to my blog by clicking one of two buttons in the top left-hand column. Either follow me on Bloglovin or by e-mail. You will only get mail if I post something new.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest if you are not already.

Now, off to pack up the basement. If anyone has ANY packing or storage tips, please feel free to share them in the comments. Newbie here. 

Love to you all and here's hoping by my next wrap-up we'll all be wearing shorts and feeling warm.

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