Can You Stop Time By Saving Memories?

You all know by now that the Frog family is moving. Probably not until the fall, but I will go crazy if I don't start to pack and weed things out now. So that's what I'm doing.

If you've ever engaged in this process - which, as painful as it is, I highly recommend - you know it can be difficult for many reasons. There is the stuff you like, but can't currently find a use for. There is the stuff that was a great deal, but that you have absolutely no use for, there are your favorite things that you have outgrown (literally and figuratively) and can't bear to part with, and there are the things that simply hold memories within.

For me the latter category is proving the hardest to weed out. And I will probably write about this a lot in the coming months. If you are sick of hearing about it, I understand. Please click here to read I Wish I Could Stop Time on Mamalode.* Please click here if you just want to go pee/make yourself a sandwich/have more important things to do right now. You can close the window when you get back.

For those of you who just love my writings on Mamalode (thank you for that), you can read two of my latest here and here.

*Edited to point out that someone else has put their name on my writing. But rest assured, the words are all mine. 

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